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Assistance with electric and energy bills in North Carolina

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Duke Energy
Standard services offered by Duke for eligible customers include the following. installing insulation, sealing air leaks, performing repairs and/or tune-ups to heating and cooling systems, replacing existing light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. They also have additional assistance plans. Share the Warmth, Cooling Assistance Program, and the Fan-Heat Relief Program. More on Duke Energy Share the Warmth.

Progress Energy offers various utility bill assistance programs as well. They have established the Energy Neighbor Fund.
This fund receives extensive help and support from customers, management, employees, churches and also civic organizations for utility and heating assistance. You can apply for eligibility and obtain help. Numerous customer, community, and employee campaigns help raise funds for the program every year that provide extensive help for electric bills. Progress Energy Corporate provides up to $250,000 in matching funds to that money raised. Continue reading.

Central Electric Membership Corporation - Member Cares provides assistance to struggling families to assist with paying their utility and heating bills. Read more.

Dominion North Carolina Power - The EnergyShare program will provide assistance with paying heating bills, regardless of the fuel source. More.

Fayetteville Public Works Commission - Offers the People Who Care utility bill assistance program. It helps with paying electric and heating bills. Click here.

Haywood Electric Membership Corporation - Helping Each Member Cope is a program assists families that are going through a financial hardship. It can offer financial aid to pay their utility bills. Read more.

Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation - LREMC Cares helps those with a crisis pay their electric bills. Read more.

Mecklenburg County Crisis Assistance Ministry - This is a partnership that provides help to pay utility bills and other financial aid.






Nashville Electric Service - Utility bill assistance is available through Project Help.

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation - Has two plans. Project Helping Hand is financial aid that is provided by customer donations. Share the Warmth is another assistance program that focuses on paying heating bills. Read more.

Randolph Electric Membership Corporation - People Helping People helps families with utility bills, medical bills, and other expenses. Member donations are available to individuals and families that are in need of assistance with any type of heating or energy bill. Learn more.

Rocky Mount North Carolina - The local energy company runs an emergency utility bill and heating program during the winter. Emergency assistance can be paid out to people who are at risk of losing their power. Click here.

Wake County - The government has Warmth for Wake, which helps pay utility bills, and heating bills during the winter. Find more information on Warmth for Wake.




  • Wake Electric
  • Cape Hatteras Electric
  • Albemarle Electric Membership Corporation
  • Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative
  • Four County Electric Membership Corporation
  • Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation

Operation Round Up Program is offered by all these organization. Operation Round Up is an assistance program that provides grants for necessities such as clothing, groceries, medical bills, shelter, prescription drugs and medical care. Learn more on the program, including both how to donate and where to apply.


Find additional utility bill help in North Carolina. More.