Utility Bill Assistance



Utility assistance from CenterPoint in Louisiana

If you are a CenterPoint customer, get information on, and possibility assistance from, a few different programs in Louisiana.

Payment plans and arrangements

If you are now behind on your monthly utility bill, or expect to fall behind in the future, call CenterPoint as soon as possible. Qualified customers may be eligible for payment arrangements from the company. The assistance can come in many forms, including a Delayed Payment Agreement and/or a credit extension of up to 30 days. Both of these services may allow for the customer to be able to repay their utility bill over several months time frame, so it gives the customer all too precious time. Other factors, such as your age, health and income status, may qualify you for additional services that may be offered by the utility, federal government programs, or state of Louisiana assistance.

South Louisiana territory.

An Energy Bill Assistance Program, which is funded by donations from private individuals, may be available for low income individuals and families in the south part of the state. The local American Red Cross and other local community action agencies run the program. Read more southern Louisiana utility bill assistance.

North Louisiana

Customers in the northern part of the state may be able to get assistance from the Good Neighbor Fuel Fund. This is a program created and sponsored by CenterPoint Energy, and it will provide utility bill assistance for families and individuals in need. This program is responsible for aiding thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers, including families with young children, seniors, low income, and customers with disabilities.

Call CenterPoint Energy in Louisiana at 866-275-5252 for assistance. Or read more.