Utility Bill Assistance


Iowa Utility Bill Assistance, and Help With Electric and Heating Bills

The Bureau of Energy Assistance in Iowa administers the federally funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This assistance program is designed to help eligible households with the payment of a portion of their residential utility bills and heating costs for the winter heating season, which will help with saving on heating bills as well. The program's energy crisis intervention program components are created to provide immediate response to assist in the potentially life-threatening situations, and the consumer education component of this help program will provides money for activities that encourage regular utility payments, encourage reduction of energy use, promote energy awareness, and stress energy efficiency, weatherization, and client education.

Heating and utility assistance from LIHEAP

The federal government created this program to help low income, unemployed, and struggling individuals pay their utility and heating bills. Most of the assistance will be paid out to seniors, the disabled, and low income families with children in Iowa. Some money can pay regular monthly bills, and other funds can assist with paying off disconnection notices. More Iowa LIHEAP programs.




Iowa Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a federally funded grant program that was established to help lower the cooling and heating costs for lower income persons, particularly the disabled, elderly, and children, by improving the energy usage and efficiency of their homes.

The installation of electricity and energy efficiency measures in a household is determined by a computerized energy audit which will determine the cost effectiveness of each utility bill saving measure. More on weatherization in Iowa. Continue.

Access Energy - This Iowa based cooperative has a small donation program that helps pay winter heating bills. Clients including the elderly and working poor. Learn more.

Alliant Energy provides assistance to seniors, customers in a financial crisis, and the disabled in Iowa. The Hometown Fund uses donations to help pay gas as well as electric bills. Or funds can even pay older utility bills from the previous year. Read more.

Atmos in Iowa - They provide utilities in a small part of the state. Donations from Sharing the Warmth help qualified low income, struggling families pay their energy or heating bills. The assistance is one time only. Continue reading.

MidAmerican Energy

This utility offers a couple energy conservation programs, and can provide some emergency assistance to help prevent a disconnection. Click here to read more.




Black Hills Energy

The main two program they offer are an energy conservation weatherization program as well as grants that are provided by customers and local businesses. Many local Iowa non-profits administer the program on behalf of Black Hills. More on Black Hills energy bill assistance.

The grants are issued as part of the Cares program. Relying solely on donations from individuals and businesses, Black Hills will offer qualified families assistance for their utility and utility bills as part of Cares. Read more.

SMU, also known as Spencer Municipal Utilities, provides assistance in Iowa using Project Share. Families from throughout the service area donate to the program, and all funds raised go to help pay utility bills. This includes heating, gas, electric, and others. Learn more.