Utility Bill Assistance



Help and utility bill assistance in Kentucky.  Programs to help with cooling and electric bills.

Low-Income Rate Assistance

Families can get assistance with an energy payment of up to $300 for your family, if the $300 payment would prevent the removal of a child from the family or assist in reuniting the child with a family. The money is available across Kentucky and can pay for utility bills. Contact the Department of Social Services Preventive Assistance Program.

Lower Income Energy Efficiency

Project WARM
Project WARM provides free energy conservation and weatherization services to residents of Louisville and Jefferson County. Weatherization services provided include adding attic insulation, sealing air leaks, and offering free energy education. Also, free self-help classes on electricity conservation and window cover installation are available during the wintertime.




Summer Cooling

  • Each summer, air conditioning units are loaned out to people whose health is threatened by the high humidity and heat as verified by their medical condition and doctors.
  • In Louisville, fans and air conditioners to lower income households. Households that have a member with a life-threatening medical condition are given an air conditioner and a volunteer technician to install it.
  • Louisville Metro Housing (Weatherization)
    You can get weatherization materials for lower income Louisville Metro residents.






Low-Income Rate Assistance

Atmos Energy - The Sharing the Warmth assistance program helps Kentucky customers pay their gas bills. Contributions are used by the company to assist less fortunate customers with paying their utility bills. Read more.

Louisville Gas & Electric - Home Energy Assistance provides a year-round fixed credit that varies by month and is based on the household’s income, size and utility bills for the previous 12 months, an adjustment for monthly normal heating degree days, and any significant changes in utility pricing. The credit can be applied to arrearages. Customers with household income at or below 110% of federal poverty guidelines must have a minimum monthly household income of $100 and household utility arrearages under $700 and to participate.  In addition, a program called WeCare helps participants in this assistance program will receive a walk-through inspection as well as energy education. Many will receive water heater system inspection, HVAC and air sealing and attic insulation. Winterhelp assists families with paying their heating bills. Read more.

Kentucky Utilities - Home Energy Assistance will provide eligible customers with assistance and they will receive a fixed amount of $294 per year in seven monthly installments of $42 that are applied to the current bill. The credit will be applied to bills during peak heating and cooling months and cannot be used to reduce arrearages. Customers must use electric heat and have household income at or below 110% of federal poverty guideline to participate. In addition, WeCare will provide energy conservation improvements to Kentucky households. Read more.

Duke Energy - Qualified households can receive a furnace/heat pump cleaning and tune up, energy saving tips, and energy efficient light bulbs. They can also get, if needed, hot water heater wrap, weather-stripping and pipe wrap. Depending on the condition of the apartment or home as well as its energy usage, other services provided to help with lowering utility bills include duct sealing, attic and wall insulation and other air leakage sealing measures. Find additional Duke Energy assistance programs in Kentucky.




LIHEAP - This federal government grant program can help Kentucky families pay their utilities in a crisis, and also help with ongoing assistance. Tens of thousands of people benefit every year. Click here for more details.

OMU - Owensboro Kentucky Municipal Utilities offers assistance through a Caring Program. There are cash grants available to help pay for electric bills, heating costs, and address winter gas bills. It is a utility donation program for struggling customers. Learn more.

West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation - The E.N.U.F. (Emergency Needline Utility Funds) provides emergency assistance and help with utility bills in Kentucky. Donations are raised and used for paying energy and utilities. More.


By: Jon McNamara


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