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Pennsylvania options to help with utility, heating and energy bills.

Pennsylvania has several programs that can provide you with utility bill assistance. Families, senior citizens as well as struggling individuals can apply for grants for their energy bills from the government or charities noted below. There are also payment plans along with free conservation services and other options.

A wide range of the energy and electric bill assistance programs in Pennsylvania are below. If not qualified, or funds run out, then ask for referrals. As the government, charities, and even utility companies due their best to help the low income.

State of Pennsylvania and federal programs

Budget Billing - All residential customers can at any time contact their natural gas or electricity company and request budget billing. This is a feature that sets each monthly bill you receive at the same amount. The utility company may adjust the bill four times a year, whether up or down, depending on the customer's usage. This allows you to plan and project your expenses and therefore help with energy bills, and it is a good idea to set this up before the winter so you can budget for heating bills.

Crisis LIHEAP Grants - Additional funds and help with paying bills may be available if you experience an emergency situation and are in danger of losing your heat. Emergency situations will include:

  • Lack of fuel
  • Leaking lines that must be fixed or replaced, or broken heating equipment
  • Termination of your utility service
  • Danger of having service terminated or being without fuel.
  • Find out more on LIHEAP in Pennsylvania. Read more.





Customer Assistance Programs (CAP) - A lower monthly payment is offered, and it is based upon on a percentage of the household's income. If a customer is faithful to the plan, past unpaid utility bills in arrearage are also reduced.

Customer Assistance Referral and Evaluation Program (CARES) - The CARES program will help customers with special energy needs. CARES program can help you find ways to pay your utility bill. As an example, special needs are the customers who are experiencing divorce, family emergencies, medical emergencies, or unemployment. Ask your utility company about this program.

Elderly Pennsylvania residents, who are often at risk during the winter, can also apply for resources. the government, local towns, and volunteers may all help seniors during the winter. Both financial help and material items are offered. More on elderly winter assistance programs.

Hardship Funds - Yet another option is hardship funds. These provide cash assistance to utility customers that will help them pay their utility, heating, and electric bills. Hardship funds in effect provide assistance grants to the customers who fall through the cracks of the other financial assistance programs. The hardship funds are payments directly to utility and electricity companies on behalf of eligible customers. Contact your utility company and ask about this option.

Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) - The LIURP program helps lower income electricity customers lower the amount of natural gas or electricity used each month, which is another way to provide utility bill assistance. Typically, the utility company may install energy saving features or items in your house to help you save on bills.





$1 Energy Fund (Dollar Energy Fund) - The assistance fund partners with utility and heating companies across the state of Pennsylvania to provide help with paying heating and other energy bills. The Dollar Energy Fund assists thousands of families every year. Click here.

Assistance for utility bills from energy and gas companies in Pennsylvania

All gas and utility companies in Pennsylvania offer CAP and LIURP in addition to the financial aid indicated below. All energy companies also offer payment plans and free energy audits.

Adams Electric Cooperative - This cooperative offers Project Helping Hand, which helps families in need with paying their utility bills. Donations are collected from the community to assist with utility bills. More.

Central Electric Cooperative - The Family Fund Energy Assistance Program helps pay heating bills. Employees and members donate to the CEC service. Read more.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania - The Warm Choice assistance program is a free, energy saving weatherization service while the Emergency Repair Fund offers financial assistance and cash grants for the repair or replacement of natural gas furnaces, hot water heaters, and space heaters. They also administer several other financial assistance programs. Read more.

Duquesne Light - Stay Warm Programs will assist disconnected, lower income Pennsylvania customers with reconnecting their utility or heating service. Customers can receive a free, energy conserving audit through the Smart Comfort assistance program.

Equitable Gas of Pennsylvania - The Hardship fund will help pay for any repairs and/or replacement of heating equipment. They also provide utility bill assistance in the form of a partial payment plan.

Met-Ed, Penelec, and Penn Power - The companies provide energy saving measures for Pennsylvania homes. In addition, the Matching Energy Assistance Fund (MEAF) will help low income families pay their bills.

Montgomery County has an emergency fuel fund that will help pay utility and heating bills for those who need help. Primarily is for the disabled and elderly.




National Fuel Gas - The Heating/Water Heating Repair or Replacement service replaces heating or water heating equipment. In addition, the Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund provides grants to assist with paying heating and utility bills. Click more details.

Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative - Member to Member provides grants and financial aid to help with heating and utility bills. Learn more.

PECO runs a matching grant program. Very low income customers can apply for funds to pay their gas, heating, and electric bills. There is often a waiting list in place, and social service agencies in Pennsylvania can offer referrals are well. More information.

Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) - OnTrack will forgive past unpaid bills, will reduce utility bills, and protect from utility service shut offs. WRAP is an energy saving education program for Pennsylvania residents. It can also provide aid in the form of insulation or caulking. Operation Help and Operation Share provides cash grants to assist with paying heating bills. Read more on assistance programs from PPL.

Pennsylvania Power Company - Receive payments for energy bills from the Reach Hardship Fund. Click more details.

Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund - This assistance program will provide almost $3 million annually in energy bill crisis assistance benefits for both utility and heating bills. Read more.

Philadelphia Gas Works - Customer Responsibility Program can reduced monthly heating and utility billing for certain customers while Conservation Works offers energy saving related services provided that may include: home repairs, audits, equipment repairs, and many other types of assistance. Learn more.

REA Energy Cooperative - Members Sharing With Members Fund. Utility Bill Assistance is available for members that are faced with an unexpected loss of income due to unusual and unexpected situations, such as a job loss.

Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative - Lights On is a program to assist any needy Pennsylvania families with paying their heating and utility bills.

Royersford and Spring City - Project Outreach provides heating bill financial aid and fuel. Up to 150 gallons per year.

TW Phillips Gas & Oil Co - Energy Help Fund is an utility bill assistance program that will offer reduced rates and help pay past, unpaid bills.

UGI Penn Natural Gas - Receive a lower utility bill rate and possibly financial aid with past bills from the Partners Program. Project Outreach and Operation Share help pay gas bills too. Click here UGI Penn Operation Share.





UGI Utilities Inc. - Low Income Self Help Program (LISHP)
Monthly utility bill amounts that customers need to pay are based on a household's income rather than gas usage.
Operation Share will assist Pennsylvania families with heating bills. More UGI Operation Share.


By: Jon McNamara


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