Utility Bill Assistance


Get help and assistance with electric and utility bills in Louisiana.

Find help with utility, air conditioning, and electric bills in Louisiana. Most of the energy companies, both regional and local cooperatives, offer some form of financial assistance. There are also state and federal government programs that can help pay utilities or assist a customer so that their electric or power stays on.

Government energy bill assistance

LIHEAP is paid for by the federal government, but is available for all qualified very low income residents across the state. Click here for more details on the Louisiana low income energy program.

Weatherization Services: When the household is determined eligible for assistance, weatherization services are provided to help lower utility bills. The benefits of this program provided may include the installing, as well as repair, of attic, floor, wall, duct, and pipe insulation; cleaning air conditioners; installing low-flow shower heads; improving clothes dryer operation; installing sunscreens; installing compact fluorescent light bulbs, applying cool-roof reflective coating to metal  roofs, and replacing old refrigerator among other actions to help customers pay lower electric bills.

Utility assistance from Louisiana companies

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth is a form of financial aid that will help struggling Louisiana families with paying gas bills. Read more.





Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Receive assistance in Louisiana from the Share Program. This will help pay bills, including utility bills. Read more.

CenterPoint Energy - Receive utility bill assistance and aid with gas bills from the Energy Assistance Program (south Louisiana) and Good Neighbor Fuel Fund (north Louisiana). More CenterPoint assistance programs.

CLECO - Power of Sharing Fund. This assistance program aids customer with their energy bills, helps residents purchase fans and blankets, provides weatherization aid, and it will help make minor repairs to cooling and heating units. More.

Entergy Gulf States Utilities, Inc. - They have a senior discount program. This program will waive the $6.00 monthly customer charge for any customers who are 65 or older if they meet the income criteria.

Entergy New Orleans - Handicapped and Elderly Emergency Utility Bill Assistance Fund. Entergy provides funding for this electric bill program, which is run by the New Orleans Council on Aging and Total Community Action. It is meant to help address the needs of the lower income and/or disadvantaged through direct energy assistance. Also, during the month of June, thousands of fans are distributed to customers living in the Entergy service area.

Entergy LA and Entergy New Orleans - Get energy saving improvements such as insulation, caulking, door strips, refrigerator replacement and other improvements to help lower utility bills.

Entergy - The Power to Care is an utility bill assistance program that helps the disabled, elderly, and struggling families pay utility bills. In addition, receive a free fan from the Beat The Heat program. Read more.





Lafayette Utility System - The Share the Light program is an emergency utility bill relief program that was initiated to help families in need in Louisiana pay their energy or light bills. The support is offered if they can’t find financial aid from any other programs. Learn more.

PC Electric is a smaller, regional utility company in Louisiana. They only support a small number of parishes. But struggling customers can get assistance for short and/or long term needs. Find more details on PC Electric utility bill assistance.

Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation - Offers the Lights On, which is an assistance program that is available for qualifying customers who have experienced a relatively minor emergency and if they cannot pay their utility bill. The maximum amount of assistance is $100 and can be only be requested once per year. Learn more.

Southwestern Electric Power Company (AEP) - Receive assistance from the Neighbor to Neighbor program. It will assist Louisiana families if they have received an utility service disconnection notice. SWEPCO relies on donations to provide this service to low income families. More information.

Terrebonne Parish - Empowering the Community provides electric bill assistance for residents of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation and Dixie Electric Membership Corporation - They participate in Operation Roundup. Operation Roundup will help families pay a variety of bills, including utility, medical, and more.

For more information on the Southwest Louisiana Electric service, and how to apply or donate, read more.