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New York State programs to help with electric and utility bills.

Listed below are some resources that may be able to provide you utility bill assistance in New York. The programs are offered by the government (state of NY and federal) as well as by individual utility companies in the state.

State of New York and Federal government utility bill  assistance programs

The Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as HEAP, is available across the state. This Federal program is for struggling and low-income households that may be in need of assistance in paying their electric, heating, and utility bills. The program will also provide help with heating bills in the cold winter months. Participants must meet income eligibility requirements. HEAP is not a welfare program or loan, and you should not hesitate to apply. Also, you do not have to pay back any money granted to you.

Also, from time to time, a limited amount of Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) funds are made available for the purchase and installation of energy efficient products. These products can help New York residents lower their utility bills and is another way for consumers to obtain help with electric and heating bills.

  • To qualify for the HEAP program you must:
    Pay your utility bills directly and have an income level that falls within HEAP's criteria.
  • To apply for HEAP assistance you need to do the following:
    You will need copies of your records, such as pay stubs, unemployment insurance, etc. and copies of electric bills. More.





New York Low-Income Rate Utility Bill Assistance
New York investor owned utility companies all offer low-income electric and heating bill assistance programs that total about $20 million per year. The programs vary considerably by each utility company service territory and they have varying eligibility guidelines. Most offer utility bill assistance and one or more other assistance program such as electric bill arrearage forgiveness, appliance repair and replacement, and weatherization.

New York Energy Smart - This energy bill assistance program will help lower the energy costs of low- and moderate-income homeowners. It provides energy conservation measures and weatherization services.

Programs offered by gas, electric and energy companies in NY

Central Hudson Gas & Electric - For those families that have no other options, The Good Neighbor Fund is an assistance fund of last resort. Also, read about Budget Billing, The Powerful Opportunity Program (POP), and other programs. Click here.





City of Binghamton operates Lend a Hand in partnership with the newspaper and charities. It provides money to pay for utility or heating bills, medications, housing, and more. Up to $300 is paid out, but the majority goes to traditional utility bills. More on Binghamton Lend a Hand utility bill assistance program.

Consolidated Edison - There are a few assistance programs offered by this energy company. The Low-Income Plan keeps customer charges and bills at a pre 1996 level. The Arrears Avoidance Program will provide cash grants to help those in need pay utility bills. And the EmPower New York energy efficiency plan provides electric bill and energy reduction measures. Find additional ConEd assistance programs. Learn more.

Assistance for the Elderly in NY - Senior citizens have several options available to them. They include emergency financial aid, grocery delivery services, volunteers to shove snow, and other support services. Find tips on helping the elderly during winter.

Essex County - The Last Stop Heating Bill Assistance Program will assist low income families in New York with paying heating and utility bills. Read more.

Long Island Power Authority - Offers the Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP), which is an assistance program that will provide energy saving improvements. Other direct financial assistance is offered as well to those facing an emergency. More details.

Keyspan Energy - The Residential Reduced Rate provides a lower base utility price, and can help eliminate deposits and utility bill fees. In addition, the On Track program will give financial assistance, education, and energy and financial management to lower income families and customers. Lastly, The Neighborhood Heating Fund and the Project Warmth program provides heating and utility bill assistance to families in need. Read more.

National Fuel Gas - An assistance program is offered for the Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance. It provides up to a 40% utility bill discount, as well as assistance in paying bills that are unpaid. In addition, the Neighbor for Neighbor Heat provides aid and cash grants to help ensure that utility service is not turned off. Click here for more information.

National Grid - Offers EmPower New York, which provide a variety of energy saving measures, such as insulation, energy efficient appliances, weatherization, and more energy saving improvements. Learn more.

National Grid - Care and Share helps those families with an emergency situation, disabled member, someone who is 60 or older, or someone who is receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability. It will assist them with paying energy and utility bills.

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation - The Affordability Payment Plan will help utility customers with making an affordable monthly payment and also provide other utility bill aid. Care and Share will help households with a member who is over 60 or with someone who is disabled.

New York State Electric and Gas - Offers three assistance programs. The Matching Incentive Payment Program will give cash grants up to $600 to help pay bills. The Power Partner Program will reduce the monthly base service charge on utility and gas bills. And also Project Share provides cash grants to help a family with someone who is over 60 or a disabled family member. Read more.





Orange and Rockland Utilities - The Neighbor Fund and Pike County Light & Power Co. provides aid and utility and heating bill assistance to New York families. Continue.

Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation - The Red Cross/RG&E Heating Assistance Fund will provide utility bill help to those who can’t get any other aid from other programs. Click here to learn more.


By: Jon McNamara


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