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Assistance in Ohio with electric, utility and heating bills.

Ohio has several utility and heating bill assistance programs. A summary of the leading programs, resources, and services available to low income customers are below. Both government programs and payment plans, conservation measures, and direct financial aid is available from utility companies in Ohio.

Government low income energy bill assistance programs in Ohio

Call the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC) for guidance and help with your utility questions or disputes. The OCC hotline provides consumers much information about residential utilities, including natural gas, electric, telephone and water. Call the OCC for any reasons including:

  • Get assistance from professionals trained in resolving issue and complaints with utility services
  • To seek understanding and assistance with your utility bills
  • To help answer any questions you have about your utility services
  • To learn about cost saving tips for heating bills as well as utility bills
  • To help assist and avoid disconnection of your utility service
  • Get assistance and learn about your rights as a residential utility consumer

Ohio Utility and Energy Assistance Programs
This is a form of government assistance. There is help for Ohioans of all ages deal with today’s high costs of cooling and heating their homes.





  • Home Energy Assistance Program - HEAP helps lower income residents pay their cooling and heating bills. There is also an Emergency HEAP program that provides assistance to households that have had their utilities disconnected, those that have a 10-day supply (or less) of bulk fuel, or face disconnection. The Energy Assistance Program also has a recurring monthly component, which can assist with paying ongoing monthly utility bills by offering cash grants to low income customers. Click here.
  • Percentage of Income Payment Plan - PIPP is an extended payment plan offered to qualified Ohio residents  that requires regulated electric and gas companies to take payments for bills based on a percentage of household income. Read more.
  • Ohio Energy Credit (OEC) Program - Residents who are 65 years of age or older OR if they are totally and permanently disabled, they will receive an increased Energy Assistance benefit beyond what they would receive under the standard HEAP utility bill grant.
  • Winter Reconnect Program - Will allow almost all households that have been disconnected or are threatened with a service disconnection due to nonpayment of a heating or utility bill to have their electric or heating service restored during the winter months by paying either the total amount of the bill that they owe or $175, whichever is the less amount.
  • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) - Low-income and customers facing a financial hardship who heat their homes with natural gas pay as little as 5 percent of their monthly income to their gas company and as little as 3 percent to their electric company for heating and utility bills.





Get help from the heating, gas, and electric companies in Ohio below

American Electric Power - They have the Crisis Response Fund. This assistance program provides utility bill assistance and free weatherization aid for AEP customers who live in Scioto County Ohio. AEP has also donated $1 million to a utility bill assistance fund.

Another option offered by AEP is the Neighbor to Neighbor Program. This program provides millions in grants to help people pay their utility bills. Learn more.

The City of Akron offers assistance to qualified residents of the city only. Water bill discounts are given to HEAP customers, there is funding from Akron Cares, payment plans for past due utilities, and so much more. Continue with the Akron Care utility bill assistance program.

City of Hamilton - Residents can apply for utility or light bill assistance from Empower Hamilton. The service is run in partnership with the Salvation Army, and qualified households may be given hundreds of dollars per year for their utilities. More information.

Columbia Gas, Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy - These companies all offer Heat Share or Energy Share, which is a heating and utility bill assistance program. The program was created to assist those in need with paying utility and heating bills during the winter season. Any type of heating bill that needs to be paid is eligible. Find additional information and Columbia Gas programs.

Columbia Gas offers Warm Choice program. Weatherization services are also available. Another service called Heatshare provides financial aid for energy bills that are the result of warming a home during the winter months. Read more.

Consolidated Electric Cooperative - The People Fund will help Ohio families with paying their energy bills if their needs aren't met through other assistance from organizations or local aid agencies. Read more Consolidation Electric assistance.

Dayton Power & Light - Offers both the Warm Choice and Winter Reconnect Program as detailed above. Read more.

Dollar Energy Fund - This is a donation type program that can provide funds for paying utility and heating bills to customers that are out of options. It relies strictly on contributions from people and businesses in the state of Ohio. To donate money, or to apply for financial assistance, click here for details.

Dominion East Ohio has a Housewarming Program available. Offers weatherization assistance to qualified customers. There is also emergency financial help as well as payment plans offered in a crisis. Find more Dominion East Ohio utility assistance programs.

Duke Energy - Provides energy saving devices and updates. Customers in need can receive a furnace, heat pump, energy saving CFL light bulbs, energy-saving advice, insulation, weather stripping, etc. In addition, they have Accountability & Credibility Together (ACT). This assists customers in need with utility bills. Find more utility assistance from Duke Energy.





The Illuminating Company - Has a the Community Outreach Opportunity Program (CO-OP)
Provides once-a-year cash grant to the disabled, unemployed, or lower income customers who might be in danger of losing their utility or heating service because of overdue or unpaid bills. Read more.

Ohio Edison,  - Project Reach is a once-a-year cash grant payment to those who are unemployed, disabled, or struggling and who may have their service turned off. Learn more.

Toledo Edison - The company offers a service known as Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donations are used from the Ohio community. All of the funds collected go towards helping with utility and other energy costs of struggling customers in the service territory. Read more.

Duke Energy, Columbia Gas - Heat Share
Heat Share is an assistance program that was created to assist with heating bills during the cold winter season. It is intended to help those who may otherwise have their service turned off if the bill is not paid.

Find additional electric bill help in Ohio, and also read stories on how others are receiving assistance. More

By: Jon McNamara


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