Utility Bill Assistance


Find assistance programs, and get help in Alabama with electric and utility bills

Alabama Power Company Utility Bill Assistance Programs
Utility customers that are verified as receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or receiving Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), these customers will not be billed a monthly service charge of almost $10.00 per month.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund
Provides for additional weatherization assistance, which can help lower cooling and utility bills. Read more on Alabama weatherization programs.

Decatur Utilities, Cherokee Electric Cooperative,  Joe Wheeler Electric, Hartselle Utilities - All of them offer the Operation Warm assistance program. This assistance program will support those families that don’t qualify for LHEAP with paying utility bills.

Each one of the companies, such as Decatur Utilities, has their own terms and conditions before providing any type of energy bill assistance. Customers need to review them and apply, and read more Decatur Utilities Operation Warm. There is also emergency assistance from Joe Wheeler Electric.




Sprire Energy (Alagasco)
Customers who are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) will not be billed their monthly customer charge of about $10 per month.

They also run DollarHelp, which is a financial aid program for low income customers in Alabama. The funds can help hundreds of people keep their lights, power, and AC running each year. Click more details.

Help from Mobile Gas
As with the two companies above, customers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI payments or Aid to Dependent Children) and who are eligible can also receive help by having their customer charge of approximately $8 waived monthly from their gas bill. You can apply at any of the Mobile Gas offices to receive this assistance. Read more.






Project Share
Project SHARE assistance is administered by the American Red Cross agency and it is funded by electric utility themselves as well as customers who donate through their monthly electric bills. This assistance is available year round and serves disabled persons, senior citizens, and those experiencing a financial hardship or that may be on fixed or low incomes. The Project Share program is under financial strain and needs donations. More.

Operation Warm
All these companies offer this assistance program. Cherokee Electric Cooperative, Decatur Utilities, Joe Wheeler Electric, Hartselle Utilities. It provides heating and utility bill assistance to families who don't qualify for LIHEAP. People must apply for this help. Read more.

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative - This company also provides assistance for utility and electric bills through programs such as Project Share. Donations are collected from the community and funds are disbursed to the poor and less fortunate. Thousands of Alabama families may benefit from this financial assistance. More.

Cullman Electric Cooperative runs the Operation Share donation program. Money raised from the community goes to assist with paying utility bills for seniors, the disabled, and very low income in the service territory. Read more.

Federal government low income energy assistance
Government grants can be provided to Alabama families as part of LIHEAP. The low income, working poor, and seniors are the primary beneficiaries of this utility bill assistance program. Various social service agencies and non-profits across Alabama accept applications. Read more on Alabama LIHEAP program.

Hartselle Utilities - The company only operates in 2 or 3 Alabama Counties. Their customers that are older, sick, or disabled can apply for assistance from Operation Warm, which can help pay some of their utility bills. The program uses donations to assist. Learn more.

Huntsville Utilities
They offer struggling customers financial assistance. Click here to read more on your options.




Project Share is also available from Hunstville. This program uses donations raised from the community and those funds are paid out to the less fortunate. All money raised is solely for assisting with utility bills. More information.

Southern Pine also runs their own version of Project Share, the donation program. There is a limited amount of assistance available, and only in certain conditions. Using donations from the community, the company and its partners can help with utilities. Read more.

You can also find other information on utility and electric bill help in Alabama. Continue.